About Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

Marilyn is a certified cat behavior consultant. and not surprisingly, she’s fascinated by feline behaviors. The fascination started with household cats and then after witnessing a puma being killed a few blocks from her home in the suburbs, expanded to include local mountain lions and bobcats. After the tragedy, she started maintaining trail cameras, studying and writing about the felids and other wildlife. Her focus is how urbanization is affecting the apex predators’ behaviors.

Krieger became certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (www.iaabc.org) in 2006. Through her business The Cat Coach LLC, she helps clients solve their household cats’ behavior challenges through on-site and remote consultations.

She is also an author and educator. Her book Naughty No More! focuses on solving cat behavior issues through clicker training, environmental changes as well as other positive reinforcement techniques. She gives presentations throughout the United States as well as writes columns and articles for a variety of venues. She is also frequently interviewed for print and on line publications. Additionally Marilyn is a frequent guest on television and radio and has appeared, along with her Bengals and Savannah Cat on Animal Planet, CBS, ABC, KGO and others.

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