The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich diversity of wild life, including foxes.


The wildlife camera filmed one of the coyotes hunting.

These two coyotes continue to hang out together. I love watching them play. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see pups this spring or early summer.

Crossing a busy road is one of the ways coyotes, bobcats and pumas access the little canyon. Check out how cautious this coyote is before venturing across the road

In addition to the bonded pair, this coyote is often caught on Camera #1.

It’s amazing what the cameras catch. Check out this beautiful coyote playing–sad for the squirrel.

All 3 cameras have filmed this bonded pair of coyotes patrolling the canyon and trail for the last 6 months or so. Camera #3 caught them being extra cautious before crossing a busy road that cuts through their territory.