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Featured Videos of the Month: June, a Visual Essay

Mountain lion on the trail

June was a visually exciting month on the trail. A mountain lion visited a week ago—he stayed for a couple of days before moving on. There’s a new bobcat on the trail he sports a beautiful dark coat. And, our resident coyote, 09M, continues to make his mark. Mountain lion A male mountain lion visited […]

Featured Videos of the Month: May

A few of the videos that stood out in May. Bobcats, including one carrying prey and a pregnant skunk standout this month. I’m not sure what type of prey this bobcat is carrying. Although this might be a dusky footed woodrat, the tail and shape of the head looks more like a weasel. 2 bobcats… […]

Featured Videos of the Month: April

First mountain lion of the year filmed by our trail cameras

A few of the many videos from April worth featuring include a mountain lion, a coyote and a young buck. The lion is the first one we’ve filmed this year and the coyote is a tagged male–he wandered all of the way from San Francisco. The buck is beautiful, check out the velvet on his […]