Category: Videos of the Month

September Videos and Pictures

Mountain lion

There seems to be less wildlife in the canyon this month. It could be a natural cycle or it might be caused by destruction that is occurring in part of the habitat. Mountain lion This large male puma is a regular visitor to the canyon–he shows up about every two to three months. This time […]

August, a Visual Essay

Bobcat on his way to the creek

The trail cameras do a great job of documenting the seasonal changes. It’s hot and water is becoming scarcer. August wasn’t as active in the wildlife department as in previous months, but we did film some bobs, Coyote 09M and deer. Along with the reduction in predators, the cameras have only caught a couple of […]

Featured Videos of the Month: July

Male bobcat

July’s wildlife video highlights include a coyote puppy, bobcats and 2 cars. Yup… cars. Bobcats One of the ways bobcats mark is by scraping the ground with their back feet and then either urinating or defecating in the scrape. We have a lot videos of this gorgeous bobcat. He’s active at all hours of the […]

Featured Videos of the Month: May

A few of the videos that stood out in May. Bobcats, including one carrying prey and a pregnant skunk standout this month. I’m not sure what type of prey this bobcat is carrying. Although this might be a dusky footed woodrat, the tail and shape of the head looks more like a weasel. 2 bobcats… […]

Featured Videos of the Month: April

First mountain lion of the year filmed by our trail cameras

A few of the many videos from April worth featuring include a mountain lion, a coyote and a young buck. The lion is the first one we’ve filmed this year and the coyote is a tagged male–he wandered all of the way from San Francisco. The buck is beautiful, check out the velvet on his […]