Featured Videos of the Month: First Lion of the Year, Coyotes and Buck

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04.20.19 This is the first lion our cams have filmed this year in the canyon–he/she was caught on camera Saturday morning at 7:05 AM, sauntering up the trail. The word “sauntering” is perfect for describing this lion.

04.28.19 This boy is one of the first bucks we’ve filmed this year crossing the busy street in order to reach the canyon.

04.15.19 Meet coyote 09M and his mate. 09M was tagged as a puppy 2 years ago. He made a long journey, crossing major highways and roads and is now hanging out in the canyon. Note the female he’s with… it looks like 09M is going to be a dad soon. I’m looking forward to seeing puppies on the trail.

Updated: May 2, 2019 — 9:16 am

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