September Videos and Pictures

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There seems to be less wildlife in the canyon this month. It could be a natural cycle or it might be caused by destruction that is occurring in part of the habitat.

Mountain lion

This large male puma is a regular visitor to the canyon–he shows up about every two to three months. This time he didn’t stick around very long.

He usually stays in the canyon for a few days after he’s killed a deer. Typically, mountain lions cache their meals, covering them with leaves and debris and then return to eat them over a period of a few days.

Not too long after our cameras filmed these videos, a lion was found on the freeway above the canyon. I worried that it was him–it wasn’t. Although I’m thankful, I’m also sad.

Coyote 09M

09M hasn’t been filmed for a few weeks, for that matter, no coyotes have been caught on camera. I’m glad to see he’s still around. I think he’s favoring the open space over the canyon now because there are more rabbits there.


Neat video of one of the resident does framed by a garden spider and web. A rabbit behind her caught her attention.


We continue to get some great footage of the local bobcats.

Additional Bay Area Puma Project cameras

I just signed on to monitor wildlife cameras in two more locations. Both places are rich in a variety of wildlife. Unlike the canyon trail, very few people are able to access these places—keys and codes are needed. These places are special—they are seldom visited by humans so the animals don’t have to adjust their schedules in order to avoid people.

Mountain lion

Mountain lion

Nice picture of a mountain lion taking a stroll.


Lots of foxes in the areaThere are lots of foxes in both of the new locations.


TurkeyThere seems to be more turkeys around–every year I see more crossing the roads. From what I’ve read, they’re contributing to the demise of our local birds–they raid nests and eat the eggs.




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