About Felidae Conservation Fund

Felidae Conservation Fund’s mission is to globally protect native wild cat species and their habitats through rigorous science, innovative education, outreach programs and international conservation. The conservation fund conducts scientific research and collaborates on several programs that examine human impact on in-situ wild cats. Felidae is skilled in disseminating scientific results through pioneering outreach and education programs that expertly review the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Felidae works with scientists, educators, communities, and lawmakers to protect habitats, stave off further extinctions, and promote healthy ways for humans to co-exist with wild cats and wild places.

Their focus on wild cat conservation is motivated by the belief that the study of wild cats can serve as a leverage point for addressing the larger environmental issues of habitat loss, human-nature interactions, and wildlife sustainability. This belief is based on the idea that because cats are often the top predator in whatever ecosystem they inhabit, understanding and solving the problems they face will inform and guide the conservation and preservation of wild animals and habitats of all kinds.

Working in the field