Thank you for visiting this site. The team at Felidae have placed cameras throughout the Bay Area as they do critical research on the status of pumas and bobcats along our urban-wildland edge.

The research is used to inform wildlife managers, transit authorities, development agencies and the conservation and biology communities about the Bay Area’s wild cats. It is also used to give communities living with wildlife the capacity they need to improve and promote peaceful coexistence with these predators. Finally the research informs education and community outreach efforts from Santa Rosa to San Jose.

Felidae also conducts image research and biological research using scat and fur sampling. Additionally,  they are exploring the many ways technology may support non-invasive research (methods that neither touch the animals nor disturb their normal activity).

$100 covers transport costs for two days of field work
$100 covers the prep, materials and set up for scat collection (bobcats and pumas)
$200 covers 1 scat sample DNA analysis
$250 covers the cost of a camera kit including motion-detecting trail camera, lock box, lock, batteries and SD cards
$300 covers 1 scat sample toxicology analysis
$1,000 covers the cost of a tracker dog and handler collecting puma scat for one day.

Thank you for donating to the Felidae Conservation Fund.

Bobcat on the trail

Bobcat on the trail